"...Fabulous Entertainers!"

"Thank you Matt Day and Ruth Blais for making Senior Appreciation Banquet so special for all or Seniors. Please contact me if you want to know more about these fabulous entertainers. I guarantee you won't be sorry. They even travel to Saskatchewan. You can book them for big corporate events or your smaller company parties. They personalize their performances , and make you feel like family."  

Patti Adams

      Town Of Thorsby

"...amazing !"
"...I would book them again in a heartbeat !"

"Matt and Ruth were amazing on New Year's Eve! 

Thank you both!"



Heather Shepherd

        City Of Edmonton

        (NYE Gala Coordinator)


"Matt and Ruth were fantastic and I would book them again in a heartbeat!

They sounded so great together and I enjoyed how they knew exactly how to read the room."



Elizabeth Bunney-Lakoseljac

      Communications and Events


"It was so fun!"

"Thank you!!!!

We had AMAZING feedback from those who stayed and the players, especially ours, said it was so fun!"   

Cara Lizee

        Alberta Ringette Banquet