Those who have seen her on stage have described Ruth’s voice as “captivating” and “powerful.” The now veteran performer has honed her skills—and considerable natural talent—in multiple genres. Ruth excels in musical theatre, big band, rock, pop, blues—and her passion, Jazz.

Graduating from Grant MacEwan Music program, Ruth set out into the world of music, first in jazz and then she entered the world of corporate show bands. Playing with the likes of Shakin' Not Stirred and The Scoundrels, she was privy to events few performers have; Oilers Christmas parties, The Winspear Centre, and The national Brier Event, just to name a few. 

Ruth has been fortunate enough to share the stage with music legends such as;  ‘80‘s diva Sheena Easton, Rock & Roll legend Dr. Hook, Canadian blues/rock legend Matt Minglewood, and he very favourite...Prism!

As Ruth continues to perform on the local, provincial and national music scene, she feels fortunate to have teamed up with the extremely talented and very witty, Matt Day. The two performers have come together to create a show that is so versatile and humorous, they are unparalleled. 


Ruth Blais

Matt Day

Graduating from Concordia University College of Alberta with a BA in Music in 1990, and adding a diploma in piano performance from Macewan University in 1992, Matt Day had set himself up for a successful career as a popular pianist in Edmonton. But when his 12-year contract with Fairmont as a jazz-trio pianist ended, Matt boldly expanded his musical services into the comedy, motivational speaking, and Emceeing arena — a move that is transforming the way corporations hire for entertainment.

Matt’s cohesive vision that encompasses all branches of his entertainment solutions is inspiring and connecting audiences, not only to himself but with each other.

Although Matt has been performing with Ruth for over 20 years, this musical duo have finally joined forces to bring a professional, light-hearted, and memorable experience for all of their events and shows.


Whether it be a speaking engagement, customized comedy, or a duelling piano show, Matt aims to engage, intrigue, and partner with his audience for an unforgettable event.